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How uniforms are currently bought

Typically, purchase of uniforms is a painful process for parents as well as students. The parents and students have to go to an outlet to see the stock of uniforms & accordingly choose their uniform in accordance with the respective child's size. This means parents & children have to endure traffic hassles & take time out of their busy schedule to reach the outlet.

Often if a child's size is not available or not in stock, a repeat visit has to be rearranged This is turn becomes a time consuming and longer process. For a new child who is just starting schooling, he has to make routine visits to ensure that his new uniform is stitched in line with the size and measurement given to the tailor. 

The online solution
Online purchasing avoids all these headaches by providing a one stop shop to check display of products, prices, delivery times & easy accessibility of routing payments directly through debit & credit cards.

Quality wear
The distinguishing feature of our uniforms is our unmatched attention to quality.
Next, it means use of the most sophisticated plant and machinery.
Most importantly, only the finest raw material is used. Typically, such raw material is breathable, durable, long-lasting and fit for its purpose. The raw materials are first tested as to whether they meet the specifications before being used for production.
Quality for us begins with understanding the requirement e.g. sportswear needs to be elastic and durable even when stretched.
In manufacturing, special attention is paid to quality of sewing, possible in part thanks to the sophisticated machines deployed.
Likewise, manufactured uniforms are subject to Q.C. checks to remove defective items, if any. The ready to wear uniforms are then stored in our warehouse in a hygienic environment. From here, individual items are made available as and when ordered.
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